Jodoh Jodoh Annisa Live Episode 35 Drama Video

Tonton Jodoh Jodoh Annisa Episod 35 wedding capacity begins. Rykarl and the earth shattering people of Dato Azhar are inside and out astounded about will’s character the new CEO of the F4. Annisa did not understand why she expected to get hitched.

Dato Azhar is treated in emergency ward and may require medicinal method. Karl did not require Jodoh Jodoh Annisa episod 35 to be in medicinal facility since he was a purpose behind Azhar’s infection. Annisa is dead and at risk.

Jodoh Jodoh Annisa Episod 35

Annisa was driven from the crisis center on Rykarl’s bearing. Dr Isaac assurances to help Annisa. Annisa was constrained to ride Sheila’s home for quite a while. Annisa isn’t allowed to return home.

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